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24 Hour City Guide: NYC

24 Hours in the City Guide: New York City If you only have 24 hours in NYC... I recommend that you spend your time in this way: Book the AHC Rate with me at The Mark! Ideal location in the Upper East Side.  7:00 AM: Begin your day with exercise at the Equinox and SoulCycle   on 63rd streeet. You will have a great work out and be in the prime location to enjoy the city. Enjoy the steam room and the pool. End your routine some tea or juice to enhance your morning experience. AmEx members get special perks, like $300 credit or free membership for Centurion AmEx access. 9:00 AM: Go for a walk in Central Park 🌳  10:00AM: Visit  The Metropolitan Museum of Art ,    -  It was designed by Fernando Romero and showcases the art collection of Mexican business magnate  Carlos Slim Hélu. 2:00 PM: Have late lunch at The Mark Hotel, especially if the hot dog stand is outside 2:00 PM: Visit The Guggenheim Museum 3:00PM: Visit The Frick Museum  4:00PM: Visit the Whitney Museum and admire th