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24 Hour City Guide: Austin

 Austin, Texas! Home of The Longhorns 🤘  Welcome to the friendliest and weirdest city in The South. 24 hours in Austin could be very different depending on the audience. Let’s assume this journey is for a sophisticated, yet family-friendly audience. Here’s what I recommend: If you are driving into Austin (from Houston, Dallas, or farther away) you are set with a car! Good for you! Now you have to find a spot to park.  If you are flying into Austin, the airport is small, yet has everything you need. You don’t need a car, especially if you are staying downtown. Take Uber / Lyft or walk. I avoid the scooters at all costs, but ride at your own risk!  Hopefully you’ve chosen to visit Austin on a Sunday, because we sure do know how to brunch! Ideally, you’d arrive on a Saturday and leave Sunday afternoon (Monday if you end up indulging in too many drinks!) Saturday: - Check in to your hotel. Since you booked with me, you’ll have both early & late check in. Fabulous! I recommend the Four