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Monte Carlo to Paris: French Inspiration for Art & Style

Monte Carlo to Paris: French Inspiration for Art & Style Art changes all around the world. European art has a particular style, especially in France. B y visiting art galleries from Monte Carlo to Paris, I noticed how different French cultures view art... Art is the purest form of expression for human beings.  The most powerful type of art not only stimulates your senses, but also influences your psychology, bridging your emotions with your thoughts. Side note - My favorite book is the $12 Million Stuffed Shark. Read it and it will change the way that you view the world.  Change Your Perspective Now Audrey Hepburn in Monte Carlo Audrey Hepburn in Monte Carlo... in Austin "Casino Monte Carlo" is a 5ft(w) x 4ft(h) acrylic on canvas painting by Danny Byl .  Dali in Monte Carlo - My favorite artist  Hotel de Paris - Monte Carlo Always Look Up...there may be a retractable roof... With my brother

Travel Bucket List and Throwback to Africa

My Future Travel Bucket List: The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World: Victoria Falls in Zambia/  Zimbabwe. Check!  2. Mount Everest in Nepal 3. Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. 4. Great Barrier Reef in Australia. 5. Northern Lights. 6. Paricutin volcano in Mexico. 7. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You may not know...but there are 7 New Wonders of Nature : 1. Amazon rainforest and River. 2. Hạ Long Bay. 3. Iguazu / Iguaçu Falls. 4. Jeju Island. 5. Komodo Island. 6. Puerto Princesa Underground River. 7. Table Mountain. Check! Been here.  The One & Only Cape Town with a Table Mountain view Throw in some Skydiving, Great White Shark Swimming & such... Skydiving over Cape Town Bonsai Bay G