Travel is my Kryptonite: South Africa & Zambia Flashback / Mexico City Spotlight Next

LexiWorldTravel Is My Kryptonite.
For the first time in many moons, I plan to focus on exploring myself instead of the rest of the world. 
Migrating to NYC inspired me to focus on my career ambitions, sense of style & health & wellness. 
The only thing constant in life is change, after all. 
Change is good.

My Favorite Travel Destinations:
South Africa & Zambia

Cape Town, South Africa: Hope you like adventure...Skydive, surf, zipline...all of it is waiting for ya.

Johannesburg, South Africa: Stay at The Four Seasons JoBerg and pet baby lions at The Lion Park.

- Want to see live baby lion cubs? Roar. 

Mfuwe, Zambia: Safari and Victoria Falls


Hong Kong: 
Shanghai: Have a cocktail at the tallest bar in the world!
Tokyo: Visit authentic Japanese Samurai stores, buy authentic custom chopsticks, and eat live sushi. 

Australia & New Zealand

Sydney: Take a water taxi to the Sydney Opera House and pet stoned Koalas.


I want to go for the penguins. National Geographic, please take me. ASAP.


As a German citizen, I encourage you to visit The Fatherland.

I studied abroad at the London School of Economics. London is lovely!

I also studied abroad at Univerisad de Cantabria in Santander, Spain...but I prefer Barcelona.

Paris. Paris is Always a good idea.

Go to Paris solo, ride a Moto-Taxi from Charles De Gaulle to Four Seasons Paris aka Georges V. 
Go running in Bois du Bologne. 
Experience the breathtaking architecture at Fondation Louis Vuitton.
Go for a swim in the indoor pool modeled after Versailles.
Rehydrate with tea in the Lobby Bar with tea and such.
Make a stop at La Fondacion Louis Vuitton to see gorgeous architecture.
Then walk over to have dinner at L'Avenue. 
Venture into Christian Dior and buy whatever you want, but most definitely a rouge lipstick.
Après dinner, go to the Crazy Horse Cabaret. 
Ask to sit in the very front row. Center stage.
You heard me / read me

North America

Austin: I can go on forever...SXSW, ACL, MotoGP, Summer time, Formula1

LA: Madeo's Italian...The ONLY other place besides Italy where I adore cheese & pasta.

Mexico City: A metropolis that has it all, even my family. Visit the Anthropology museum.

 * Carlos Slim's Soumaya Museum *

Salvador Dali- Horse Saddled with Time - My absolute favorite

El Beso / The Kiss by Rodin

Maui: Scuba with giant sea turtles at FS Maui in Wailea. Drive to Hana. Eat at Mama's Fish House. Get married there.

La Perla Cut-Out Swimsuit

Miami: Set your Standards high. Stay at The Standard.

NYC: Explore everything. You will never be able to..

Washington, D.C.: Get lost in through the National Mall all the way up to Georgetown. Then eat a cupcake at Georgetown Cupake. 

South America

Have never been! Brazil & Peru...I'm comin' for ya!

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