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Traveling on a Budget

  Travel on a budget How to travel for 5 days on $2,000 or less!  So you are wanting to travel a bit this summer, but don’t want to completely blow your savings? Maybe you are focusing on paying off debt or planning to buy a house soon. Perhaps you just want to travel as often as possible while spending as little as possible. I got you. Here are my suggestions on how to travel with financial wellness in mind. Tip 1- Friends & Family Travel! Make a list of all of your friends, sorted by the region where they live. If you have Facebook, it’s a great time to use the feature where you can see where your friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, currently live. Send out a Postable and update all of your contacts’ addresses. Go ahead and send a nice holiday card while you are at it. Offer to let your friends / family stay with you anytime. Ask if it would be okay to visit for a weekend and crash at their place. Be courteous. Bring a nice bottle of wine (buy at a local liquor store), offer to cook

5 Tips to Travel Light

Travel Light: Pack a carry-on, leave a small carbon footprint, and return smaller (possibly thinner!) than you left!    Less is more, especially when it comes to packing for a relaxing vacation. Let’s get right to the 5 tips you need for any trip, but first let me point out that these tips should be slightly adjusted based on location, weather, and personal preference (including lifestyle and just personal style.)   I will take my recent trips to Maui, Miami, Nantucket, and San Diego as examples since my packing list was pretty similar for all of these. The average trip length was 5 days. Please adjust accordingly to your own personal travel agenda.   OK!  Tip 1- First & foremost make sure that everything you pack is in good condition (except workout clothes, but I’ll get to that later) and make sure everything fits! (Sorry ladies, a short trip is not the time to take that unit of clothing that fit you in college, but I do recommend taking one or two slightly snug pieces to make su