White Elephant Nantucket

 The White Elephant Nantucket 

Let's Travel Moore is a regular at the White Elephant ACK... Perfect spot for family travel & couples.

The Wauwinet is the only Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts property around the island. 

It’s spectacular, but quite a bit far from White Elephant village if you don’t have a car. I suggest you stay at the White Elephant, buy a pair of Nantucket Reds at Murray’s and walk about town! 

But don’t skip lunch at Toppers! The Wauwinet Lady can transport you over to this sister property on boat. A great experience! 

Back to the White Elephant 🐘 

We've stayed in cottages, residences, and - for our last visit - the hotel with a view of the harbor and (very convenient!) easy access to Brant Point...More on that later...

The property is full of nautical art… Just like the entire island

Books about everything ACK… Don’t miss the Nantucket Atheneum 📚

Check out children’s beach if you’re trying to get a little one all tuckered out before bed.

Or calm enough to take to Cru and enjoy oysters and champagne 🥂 

The Nantucket is another nearby property. It is right across the street from the White Elephant, but nothing compared to the property where we always stay… Let’s just leave it at that!

No matter where you go, always bring a toy for a baby.

The Whaling Museum is a classic and the best spot for a baby to nap with a nonstop sound machine of ocean sounds. 

They probably won’t nap at Cisco Brewery, but it’s a fun family-friendly experience with drinks, food, and music. You could ride your bike over there, but truly why would you? Unless you are my husband and you rode all the way over there just to leave your credit card and have to ride back to retrieve it. 

So silly.

Boys will be boys, and Nantucket is a great spot for both boys and girls to enjoy. 

We will be bACK soon! Max’s entire nursery came to life in Nantucket. He was a big fan.

Let’s Travel Moore! And possibly move to Nantucket 


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