Travel Bucket List and Throwback to Africa

My Future Travel Bucket List:

    The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World:

    1. Victoria Falls in Zambia/ Zimbabwe. Check! 

    2. Mount Everest in Nepal

        3. Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

          4. Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

            5. Northern Lights.

              6. Paricutin volcano in Mexico.

                7. Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

                    You may not know...but there are 7 New Wonders of Nature:
                    1. Amazon rainforest and River.

                  2. Hạ Long Bay.

                    3. Iguazu / Iguaçu Falls.

                      4. Jeju Island.

                        5. Komodo Island.

                          6. Puerto Princesa Underground River.

                            7. Table Mountain. Check! Been here. 

                                The One & Only Cape Town with a Table Mountain view

                                Throw in some Skydiving, Great White Shark Swimming & such...

                                Skydiving over Cape Town

                                Bonsai Bay Great White Shark

                                Inside the Cage

                                Outside the cage

                                This is not one of the New or Old Wonders of Nature...

                                But my Bucket List does include to visit this Ice Igloo. 
                                The 8th World Wonder.. Ice, Ice, Baby!


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