You Better Belize It!

You Better Belize it! - San Pedro, Ambergris Caye - Belize - 2014

I booked my flight Thursday. I almost missed my 7:00 A.M. flight early Sunday morning. I was late, as usual, and I had to go through pat-down security because my dress was embellished. Yes, I am sure that Calypso Egyptian thread could kill someone...I dress to kill. They should be concerned! 

I made sure to pack light so that I could breeze through security. One black bikini. 3 cover ups/sundresses. One pair of yoga pants and a tank top to work out and sleep in. A pair of comfortable Tory Burch flip flops that I figured would barely come back in one piece and comfortable tennis shoes for walking. 

I never check luggage. I always take a big purse and a small carry on. What else do you need?!

I board a tiny plane. Tropic Air. Land without dying. I plan to visit the Great Blue Hole- one of the top scuba diving sights in the world and one of the 27 places to see before you die, according to Buzzed. 

Run, Jump, Swim... 

I take a tour of the house. It is beautiful. I take a quick rinse in this amazing outdoor shower. I start walking in a direction that looks promising and end up at Victoria House, the center of civilization in San Pedro. 

I share too many photographs, but "to share is twice the beauty" and if I cannot bring everyone to experience these different cultures at least I can share the view and inspire you to take a spontaneous adventure some day as well. 

Outdoor bed, outdoor shower...Welcome to the Land of Make-Belize!
I found an outdoor bed, but more importantly, a life-size outdoor beach chess board. 

The Blue Hole boat trip was one of the best trips of my life. I made new friends and felt like a mermaid under the sea. Thumbs up! Checked off the Bucket List. Now, I want to return with my brother to Scuba Dive.

The Amigos Del Mar Boat
I got my Flippy Floppies...

I went on a jet ski solo and got the damn machine stuck on coral reef- don't ask me how. 

Within 10 minutes, I was stuck in coral... as soon as I was free, I kept speeding!

Afterwards, the group went snorkeling. We swam with nurse-sharks! A stingray sat on my head. I went face-to-face with a green moray eel and it almost bit my foot. Whoops. Wish I had a picture. 

A SHARK WEEK fan's dream come true...
The best part about tourism is the economic benefit it could potentially bring for a country., VISIT BELIZE!

Our last day we went to Blue Water grill for lunch. I bought some postcards to send off to my friends and family. The best souvenir is a hand-written letter. I snagged a few sea shells from half moon caye.

1. The Great Blue Hole with Amigos del Mar
2. Snorkeling with nurse sharks, sting rays, and eels with Ecological Divers
3. Visit Blue Water Grill for Sushi, Fido's for smoothies, and Victoria House for seafood ceviche
4. Rent a golf cart and drive as fast as you can while taking a self-guided tour of the town
5. Stay in a home, rent a Jet Ski off your Bungalow and try not to get it stuck in coral!

It is safe to say, I have wanderlust. 
Sunrise looks like Sunset...My two favorite times of the day. 
The Beach is my Sanctuary... It is my home. 
Would I return to Ambergris Caye? Of course! I want to scuba & skydive into the Great Blue Hole.

My friends, stay tuned for the next adventure...



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