24 Hour City Guide: Scottsdale

24 Hours in Scottsdale Flying into Arizona is easy! Just make sure to fly into the Phoenix airport. 10:00AM Arrive in Scottsdale. Hope you didn't check bags and packed light! 10:15am - Rent a Car - Avis and Hertz has the best rates (especially for American Express cardholders.) There are various nice hotels within 20 minutes, but my recommendation is to travel to 40 minutes North to Troon and stay at The Four Seasons Scottsdale. 11:00AM - Make a pit stop at The Montauk - Resist ordering the Mimosa Shell (enough for 5 people)... Or don't!
1:00PM- Check into Four Seasons. If you can't get early check in, go bronze by the pool. Order a skinny margarita for me.
4:00PM - Consider an afternoon game of Tennis. Golf is the ideal pick, but you are only here for 24 hours and the game would take up a big chunk of that. 5:00PM - Use your casita outdoor shower.
6:00PM- Head to The Sanctuary Hotel (Where Jay-Z and Queen B Honeymooned) for a massage and cocktails at the Jade Bar. Add Shishito Peppers.
9:00PM - Dinner at Toca Madera if you are feeling adventurous (Fire dancers! Fire cocktails!) Nobu is in front if you are feeling more traditional vibes.
11:00PM- Look up at the stars when you are back in Troon before retiring to your casita.


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