Affiliation with American Express

“So what is your affiliation with AMEX?” 💬 

American Express gives me the access to create more benefits for my clients. I am an Independent Travel Advisor for National Travel, who became a franchisee of American Express Travel 15 years ago to provide more options for our clients! 

As an AMEX franchisee, we have access to all preferred vendors that allow AMEX card holders to Pay With Points for airline and hotel reservations, gain more points for booking with preferred vendors, and gain Travel Rewards Points from National Travel! 

The best thing about being a franchisee of AMEX is that my clients will be able to double or triple dip with points and benefits!

For example, say you want to book an American Airlines + Marriott vacation package with your AMEX. You would be able to pay with your AMEX points (if you have enough and would like to!), or you would be able to get more (up to 5X!) AMEX points for the booking, Marriott points for the hotel stay, and Travel Rewards Points that could be used for future purchases! 

AMEX really gives me more options to create more benefits for my clients, (hopefully) for you! 

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