Kennebunkport, Maine


A guide for the town where The Bush Family vacations. 🇺🇸Kennebunkport, Maine. 

The quaint, yet pedigreed All-American town about 30 miles south of Portland, is full of exquisite lobster fine dining experiences and pristine marinas full of boats. 

Where you are staying… 

I stayed at the White Barn Inn, an Auberge property. The only Amex #FHR in the area. Complimentary breakfast (mostly coffee) is my favorite way to start the day…

Where to relax…

Walking on the beach is a close second favorite way to begin my mornings. There are three main Kennebunk Beach areas: Mother’s Beach, Middle Beach, and Gooch’s Beach. Kennebunkport or Kennebunk (they are one and the same) is a destination that will surprise local New Englanders and urban city dwellers alike. 

Stripers waterside restaurant at The Breakwater Inn is a great spot for lunch by the water and a lobster roll. 🦞
Take in the fresh air!

Looking for a sweet souvenir? Look no further than Daily Society for shopping! Yes, you can buy something with a duck on it. 🦆

Unless you do want to look a little farther (maybe twenty steps) where you’ll find Rococo’s ice cream. 

So many flavors! I recommend the Chamomile Chardonnay if you are into French or Mexican Vanilla, but with a twist.  

Where to dine…

You’ll spot this sign immediately upon arriving to KBP. 

A great spot for lobster roll is The Boathouse Inn. You’ll find creative cuisine here with views of the marina. 🛥

Also nearby, The Clam Shack… This was my husband’s favorite. He’s always on the hunt for the best lobster roll. Exhibit A…

My favorite way to end the day is with a fine dining experience at night. Alisson’s Restaurant was highly recommended for “casual fare.”

but we love the not so casual fare…

The vibe here is casual… “coastal chic.” Here I am in my usual combination of Ralph Lauren & Zara, with pops of color by Loro Piana and YSL.

The first night we ventured to Ocean at Cape Arundel Inn, with perfect views of the ocean and the Bush family compound.

The porch at Cape Arundel Inn has always been a gathering spot for locals. Have a glass of Sancerre. That’s my usual.

Without further introduction, here is our menu from May 25th and our choices…Enjoy!

The second night was a bit more windy so we stayed in and enjoyed The White Barn… with the Chef’s Lobster Menu, of course. We enjoyed everything from Siberian Caviar to Mini Caviar Lobster Rolls and ended with a Baked Alaska.

If you are not so into the fine dating experience and prefer a picnic on the beach, Cape Porpoise if your spot. 🧺 

Cape Porpoise Kitchen is the perfect spot to build a picnic basket and take off on an adventure! Another spot a little closer to “town” is H.B. provisions. 

Tides, a sister property of Cape Arundel Inn, is the perfect spot for happy hour by the beach in Goose Rocks Beach.

Another property worth mentioning is The Nonantum Resort, which houses the 95 Ocean Restaurant.

Finally, The Colony Hotel is oceanfront, with all the history and cozy decor. This is the spot where Saturday night dances would take place and old school families would gather (unless they own a home in the area, of course) 

The property has a hint of Hotel Del Coronado, The Stanley Hotel and The Grand Floridian… you’ll immediately feel yourself reminiscing on the good times you might have enjoyed here… 

This friendly town is full of local flare and easy walking access to all of it. 

Ducks galore… 🦆 Duck decor and ducks prancing around the area anywhere you go. It feels like a scene from a movie.

This town is an All-American dream… You won’t regret visiting and you may never leave.

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